In A Flash Photography has photographed some of the world's most important heads of state, entertainers, fashion models, celebrities, corporate executives and everyday people.

Derril P. Vallery, or " Flash, "( as many clients affectionately call him ) has served as the primary photographer for various news agencies and U.S. publications. His creative photography and consulting duties have allowed him to develop a versatile and somewhat spontaneous style. Much of his work has moved the industry to label him as the "photographer of reality."

Mr. Vallery has a high regard for art, and is focused to capture real feelings, genuine emotions and natural images of his most complex photographic work. His approach allows him to find the extrinsic quality of his subject, while still focusing in on the intrinsic nature and true characteristics of the subject's personality.

Mr. Vallery's work has been featured in major motion pictures, such as "Jason's Lyric," TV's "48 Hours" (CBS), and the "Martin Lawrence Show" (FOX). Also, his versatile photographs take on a special meaning due to his energetic cropping; avoiding the calculated haphazardness that often passes for style.

"I specialize in pleasing my clientele. My greatest reward is a client's expression of total satisfaction. This is best achieved when a bond is forged between client and photographer with complete trust and total understanding.

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